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What is Your definition of wealth?

Wealth means being healthy in your life, your planning to do something, you are going to travel, happy, buy something, health is wealth, freedom from suffering mindset, too big in life, satisfaction, a good thing, more money, happy faces, have more and give more to help the empty hands, financial freedom, to be a millionaire in life.

Abundant Life

You need to live an abundance in life, which means see a happy face in you and your family. With passive income, you don’t have to worry about your life. The motivation for earning more money.

Are you attracting wealth in your life, if say no, why?

You need to change your life, you need to change your mindset, you need to change the way you look at, you need to change your surrounding peoples. You can create more opportunities for you, you need to increase your number of works in your day, expanding your work, only then will you be able to attract wealth in your life. If you say I am attracting wealth in my life, that means that day by day, week by week, month by month, you’re expanding your work, you’re generating more and more than what you need so that you can give it to others.

Give Money Away

I will give you an example. Okay, I don’t know whether you do it or not, first of all, start doing it. Secondly, make it a habit. And don’t do it because just I said it, but get those feelings from within. Two, three days ago, I was talking to a very dear friend of mine named Nimesh, and you know what he said he said that Shekhar, my younger brother always have money, he says that my younger brother will always have fun, he will always have a lot of money within, why he says because he gives to a lot of people all the time.

I saw an elderly lady, I only had a 500 rupee note in our pocket, I gave it to her, then whenever I go to the beach, I see people over there I give money to them. Help your surrounding members who is was suffering with COVID, donate your money to empty hands without the expectations of getting it back.

Shekhar, I don’t have enough money, how will I give it to others? Believe me, once you start giving, you will find ways to attract it for yourself. Haven’t you thought? Why does the money come easily to some people? I want to talk about this, I want to go deep into this. Why do you think that so many people maybe get more in their life to get more money producing opportunities, revenue-generating opportunities in their life? Why do you think that happens? Why do you think that so many other people should we give loans to friends, maybe if they want that money for their work, you can do it, if you feel that genuinely asked for money,

Why does money come easily to some people?

I found 29,500 Rupees on the beach, I waited for two hrs over there nobody came. I took that money and I left before that I wrote one slip that anybody has left anything over here call on this number I did not write about the money if I write money otherwise, all the people who come over there people who are smoking and stuff they will call somebody says it is luck, not the wrong mindset. It’s the wrong mindset. It is not luck, you create your own luck.

Why does the money come easy to some people? I will change your mindset. This is a mental block. What you just said is a mental block. You need to understand, so I found 29,000 rupees out of that 4500 rupees I took. I told myself that I’m gonna give this for charity and the remaining money I gave to Covid funds, I did not even take anything out of it. You need to understand the day you start changing your mindset money will automatically start coming towards what you said right now. That is a mental block that we need to change.

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Why does the money come easily to some people? Why do you think that happens? Somebody says But sir, by giving money to the beggars by just thinking about giving money to the beggars by not to people who work. What did I say? What did I say to you, I gave money to the person who was selling ice cream, I gave money to the person who ironed our clothes, we gave money to the person who was cleaning the beach, gave money to the lady who used to cook in our house. So we were giving it to people who were putting in the effort, giving money or buy them something like food, maybe they need the money more, why not give it to them? That is important. If you think big, you get big, it’s not just about thinking big. That’s, of course, one part of it. If you get the blessings, also, that is also one part of it.

When we can give 18% GST to the government. Why not give just 2% to the person who’s serving us food. Yes. Ironically, where we don’t have a choice. But when we have a choice, we don’t do it. That’s what needs to change. Write down all your mental blocks of it. When you see some people over there, and when you feel that, okay, those people are earning more money. That’s not because of their luck.

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We don’t generate revenue because of bad luck. You create your own luck, by working hard by hustling by putting in the effort of getting things done. And that’s exactly what will get you ahead.

Supposedly a fight happens, then the first few seconds are very important. Because within the first few seconds, a wave of the bullet can come from anywhere. So you need to be prepared. After the first few bullets have come, then you need to know, okay, the armies there, the enemies are on that side, then you will get to know it is the first few seconds that matter the most. And you need to create that level of awareness and that is important. Do you get that? And that’s exactly what happens. Once you get rid of your limiting beliefs, you start getting more opportunities, you start looking at more opportunities, you start creating more opportunities for yourself. Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Do you get that? That’s extremely important. And believe me you do it you give it away? It will come all the time.

Write down all your mental blocks?

Should I tell you something? I have at least found money lying on the road 50 times since my childhood. And I’m not kidding you 50 times and I’m with my friends whether it is in Singapore whether it is another country. How do you see the money? Let get this go walk down the path and you will see somewhere money lying on the Road. Why does that happen? It’s not just about luck, you need to understand, you need to realize this, all these things happen because you are preparing yourself to get those things done. And that’s the reason why so many people get more money for them.

What is your First response?

The first response for us is direct. No, that is how human psychology works and it’s not your fault. That is how the human mind has been programmed. It’s always programmed like that. since our childhood, we have been told the same things happen again and again, again, and that’s the reason why we don’t look at opportunities. Rather, we look at it as a base where and I might get tricked, I might get changed. Now, just imagine if, since our childhood, our parents have been saying the same thing. Again, And again. And again. Don’t be close to new people, people will talk to you people will not give you results, but are always meant to do that person are this people are that people that are people are that all the time, and we have been told the same thing. Why will it not get into our mind, it will definitely get into our mind.

Attractive opportunity

Success is when preparation meets opportunity, you need to prepare time and again Time and again. In other words, you know what I do whenever I travel. Right now, I have not been able to travel for the past few months due to COVID-19. Whenever I travel, I look at my sessions, the ones where I did well, the ones where I did not do well, when we were not able to get the same amount of revenue. And then what I did was I analysed, what is it that requires more effort? What is it that was missing? What is it that I will be able to push more people to take action? Is it more storytelling? Is it more connecting with people? Small Things will help you the results will create opportunities for you will get the kind of opportunities that you genuinely want.

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People asking I’m still not able to get results for either of the two reasons. Number one, maybe you don’t even realize when an opportunity has come by. And the next thing is we are not prepared. Preparation is missing. Opportunity has come your way, but the preparation is missing and therefore success. will not happen.

Success is when preparation meets opportunity. And this is what I’ve seen people time and again, are we getting opportunities for us? That’s important. So first of all, rid of that mindset, it is because of luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get. You might have heard it so many times, and it is absolutely true. You need to realize, got it. The second thing you need to realize here is you create more opportunities for yourself, you get more wherein you, you get more wealth in your life. Because you have realised that now I’m attracting more in my life.

Money needs to be celebrated

And you make a plan on how much money do I want to earn? What do you do? Do you calculate your expenses? And then you look at, okay, I need so much money to take care of my expenses. Does that happen? In almost every family? All of our families? Does the same thing happen? Yes or no? Everybody Yes or no? Does that happen? What we are doing is we are only focusing on the need, we are only focusing on what do we want for our survival? What do we want for our monthly expenses, what we want so that we can just live a life focused on what we need and what we want? That’s the problem. The problem over here is that we are being selfish. Now. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t hear it from somebody. Why are you being selfish if you’re only focusing on what you need? And you’re not focusing upon getting more and achieving more And am I might counter-question when you say about these things again. So be ready if you want to talk about it. Are you ready for it? Alright, so far, the levy was the first person allowing you by the levy.

Be surrounded by positive people heard, always be on the lookout of opportunities for keep your energy, energy sacred around.

Focus on what you can contribute, always think about how will I get paid more in my life? Next, how do I increase the value of each hour of my next How do I maximise my time as well as my efforts? And next, when you focus upon giving more it automatically comes back to these mega-colossal portfolios.

So you need to realize whenever you look at opportunities, you should get it done for that and you will be able to create more chances.

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Next, just don’t focus on what you need. Just don’t focus upon what you want, stop producing only what you want. Do you get that stop producing only what you want, focus on more that you would be able to get focused on more than you would be able to create for yourself.

The next thing is to stop being selfish. If you only produce what you need for yourself, that means that you’re being selfish, you’re not thinking about others, you’re not thinking about others in the society, you’re not thinking about others around you, you’re probably not even thinking about more people in your family that might go on to more than what you have today. And that’s why it is very important that you grow.

You change your mindset. And you stop being selfish, and rather start helping more people and creating more opportunities for others and getting more things done.

Now, do you understand? Why are we selfish without even knowing it? We didn’t even know why I was selfish. But now I am aware. And that’s the reason why there are so many people who are always struggling. Listen to this one more time.

There is a lot of money available on this planet. Everybody agrees on this planet. There’s a lot of opportunities available on the planet. And you know, I will also tell you one more thing today. I have given you a lot of calculations for data into money.